Seafood Grill (Sjávargrillið)


Dinner at Sjávargrillið came highly recommended and with good reason. The food was incredible, and set a trend for our experiences in Iceland: If you’re a foodie, you’re going to be in your element. 

As it's name suggests, the primary theme of Sjávargrillið was Icelandic Seafood, and they also offer a variety of tasting menus - or "feasts". These included the "Grill Party" (local specialities picked by the Chef) which I chose, and the “Taste of Iceland” feast (puffin, shag - it's a bird - and marinated minke whale). I just didn’t feel cool about eating the whale. My boyfriend said it tasted like a cross between tuna and steak. 

The standard of the food really was impressive - the head chef has won Iceland's Chef of the Year - and the restaurant could easily warrant a Michelin star (were it to apply for one) despite it also feeling very casual and accessible.